Clients Include:

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Feature Films / Documentaries

The Rizen (2017). Foley Artist. Lost Eye Films. Director: Matt Mitchell

Chasing Shadows (2019). Sound Recordist. Bulleight Films Ltd. Director: Aoun Khan

Criminal Audition (2019). Boom Operator. Mordue Pictures. Director: Samuel Gridley

Inmate Zero (2019). Sound Recordist. Nubian Film Production Ltd. Director: Russel Owen

Borderline (2019). Sound Recordist. Independent. Director: Anna Alfieri

Nightlens (2020). Sound Recordist. Outward Film Network. Director: David Woods

143 (2020). Sound Recordist. Wicked Winters Films. Director: Jade Winters

The Puppet (2020). Sound Recordist. Prithvi Rana Productions. Director: Veemsen Lama

Trouble Will Find Us (2020). Sound Recordist. Stave Hill Films. Director: Alexander Milo Bischof

The Dissident (2020). Sound Recordist. Orwell Productions. Director: Bryan Fogel

All My Friends Hate Me (2021). Sound Recordist. Totally Tom Films Ltd. Director: Andrew Gaynord

On The Other Foot (2021). Sound Recordist. Are We Dead Yet Ltd. Director: Fredi Nwaka.

The New Hoax (2021) Sound Recordist, Sound Editor. Sugarfree Films Limited. Director: Michael Jaffer.

Rag’n Bone Man: Life By Misadventure Documentary (2021) Sound Recordist. Spindle Productions. Director: Greg Hackett

Commercial / Branded Content

Vlad Tv, (2017). Sound Recordist. Vlad TV. Director: DJ Vlad

Treat Me Well (2018). Sound Recordist, Sound Designer. Mencap. Director: Tim Butcher

BBC Radio 1 ‘Don’t Blow It Greg’ (2018). Sound Recordist. Fat Lemon. Director: Jim Owen

Buzz Bingo (2018). Sound Recordist. Fat Lemon. Director: Alex Turner

Twitter: Women in Football (2018). Sound Recordist. Fat Lemon. Director: Two Doors

Aviva: Lead 4 Hope (2018). Sound Recordist. Submotion. Director: Richard Prendergast

Lenovo VR (2018). Sound Recordist. Brand and Deliver. Director: Jim Owen

Papworth Success Story (2019). Sound Recordist. Loma Media. Director: Jim Owen

Aviva Digital Garage (2019). Sound Recordist. Submotion. Director: Richard Prendergast

Imperial College (2019). Sound Recordist. Tantrwm Digital Media. Director: Stephen Hanks

Though Questions (2019). Sound Recordist. ActionAid UK. Director: Lyle Lindgren

Let’s Get Checked: Mark & Gavin (2019). Sound recordist. Fat Lemon. Director: Two Doors.

Beefeater RESP3CT (2019). Sound Recordist. Mad Cow Films. 

Gaviscon Guardium  Knight in Shining (2019). Sound Recordist. Mad Cow Films. Director: Simon Cole

New World Golf Handicap System (2019). Sound Recordist. Cowen Media. Director: Rob Cowen

DEFRA: Don’t Get Petfished (2020). Sound Recordist. Fat Lemon. Director: Two Doors

Bape X Clarks (2020). Sound Recordist. Starting Seven. Director: Jeaniq Amihiya

T.K. Maxx & The Guardian (2020): Give Up Clothes For Good. Sound Recordist. Fat Lemon. Director: Shimmy

Anglian Water: Never Still Never Stop (2021). Sound Recordist. Spindle Productions. Director: Greg Hackett

Short Films / TV

Tremble and Quake (2015). Sound Designer. First Dog in Space Films. Director: Garth Twa

Man of the Hour (2018). Sound Recordist. Inquisitive Pictures. Director: James Curle, Linda Ludwig

Driftwood (2018). Sound Recordist, Sound Editor. Real Mode Form Productions. Director: Ralph Martin Fleischer

Sylvia (2018). Sound Recordist. Buckhart Productions, Submotion. Director: Richard Prendergast

Ex Audio (2018). Sound Recordist. Indigo Productions. Director: Helen Mulligan

Dalstinian (2018). Sound Recordist. Mountain Way Pictures. Director: Will Webb

Hayfields (2018). Pilot. TV series. Sound Recordist. The Old Film Farm. Director: Marco Recalchi

Happy Birthday You Loser (2018). Sound Recordist. Forerunner Studios. Director: Bob Denham

Razzmatazz (2018). Sound Recordist, Sound Editor. Independent. Director: Alexander Milo Bischof

Casting Directors (2018). TV series. Sound Recordist. Distortion Entertainment. Director: Anthony Vander

The Love Letter (2019). Sound Recordist. Wicked Winters Ltd. Director: Nathan Hannawin

Family Matters (2019). Sound Recordist. Sound Designer. Eaglestone Management. Director: Elaine Eaglestone

Downbound Wayfarer (2019). Sound Designer. The Old Film Farm Ltd. Director: Juan-Felipe Balcazar

A Letter To Mum (2019). Sound Recordist. Orange Lady Films. Director: James Skinner

The Last Kick (2020). Sound Designer. Skinner Films. Director: James Skinner

Deus Otiosus: The Idle God (2020). Sound Recordist. Director: Mat Braddy

Maximus (2020). Sound Recordist. Submotion. Director: Richard Prendergast

Not Knowing Needing (2021). Sound Recordist. Sound Editor. Lightbox Films. Director: Laura Kloss

Wild Boars (2021). Sound Recordist. Bad Behaviour Films Ltd. Director: Nathan Hannawin

Music Videos

Goldie: I Adore You (2017). Sound Recordist. Prettybird. Director: Lyle Lindgren

Goldie: Castaway (2018). Sound Recordist. Prettybird. Director: Lyle Lindgren

DigDat x Aitch: Ei8ht Mile (2020). Sound Recordist. Greatcoat Films Ltd. Director: Wowa

Unknown T: Deh Deh (2020). Sound Recordist. Greatcoat Films Ltd. Director: LX

Dutchavelli x M Huncho Rated Award Show (2020) Sound Recordist. Confirmed Productions Ltd. Director: Suave